Harsh Environments Are Perfect For AquaShock®

Demanding work environments such as a power plants, aquaculture, and water treatment facilities understand the need for measurement instruments that are designed to survive in the harshest of places. Since its launch in 2012, the AquaShock® line of handheld waterproof  water quality meters changed the industry. The AquaShock® is not only IP67 waterproof, but they are the first to feature waterproof probe attachment points that also accept standard (non-waterproof) BNC probes.

According to company President Devin Sper, “the probe connection point has always been a vulnerability of other meters claiming to be waterproof. The probe is either non-replaceable, or the meter is not truly waterproof when the probe is connected, which defeats the purpose.”

AquaShock® meters feature a screw-down, waterproof housing surrounding the BNC probe connection. When a waterproof connection is not needed, any BNC-connected probe can be utilized. AquaShock® meters are also shockproof, and feature a “soft-grip” surface to help prevent accidental drops, making them perfect for field use. Other features include a large, backlit LCD display, 99-memory review, min/max/average, internal clock and calendar, C° & F°, auto-ranging, and automatic temperature compensation.

There are four AquaShock® models available, all with five-year warranties, measuring pH, mV, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), conductivity and TDS.  Full product information on the AquaShock® line of water quality meters is available at http://www.SperDirect.com.

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