The Sper Scientific Tour Continues

Join the Sper team at the Tri-Seminar September 23-25 in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel and Convention Center.  The Tri-State Seminar is the go to event for water professionals in Arizona, California and Nevada.  They are expecting over 2,000 attendees at this event.

At the Tri-State Seminar, Sper Scientific will be demonstrating its line of water quality products.This is first time that Sper Scientific has exhibited at this event.  Sper Scientific’s focus at the Tri-State Seminar is to help water professionals optimize their processes and to demonstrate its lineup of innovative water quality products.

Sper Scientific delivers dependable, accurate water quality measurement devices to monitor the changes in water over time from seasonal variations, weather, as well as, man-made pollution. Whether you are in agriculture, aquaculture, industry, education, power generation, or municipal waste water, Sper Scientific offers you a complete line of water quality meters, to test the acidity, alkalinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), of your water.

Next up after Tri-State for the Sper Team….WEFTEC 2014 in New Orleans.